Pardot Implementation

See how Rossyln BID improved stakeholder communication and engagement


The Rosslyn Business Improvement District (RBID) is an urban center that is a diverse and interconnected home for businesses, retailers and residents. Funded by a special tax paid by property owners within Rosslyn, RBID provides customer-oriented services designed to enhance and improve the city for those who work, live, visit and do business there.

Project Goals

The team at RBID wanted to improve the way they were engaging with residents and businesses in the Rosslyn community. They also wanted to leverage automation to track the performance of their email campaigns and improve staff productivity.




Pardot Implementation


The email campaigns executed by the RBID team were not effective because they were unable to categorize residents and businesses based on profile and interests. Delivering specific and targeted messaging to their diverse group of residents with varying interests was a huge challenge.

The weekly e-blast newsletters were sent from a legacy system, which did not provide any analytics such as bounce rate, click-through rate, number of views, etc. They did not have any insight into how well their newsletters were performing.

How District360 Helped


CUBE84 analyzed RBID’s operational needs and recommended that they implement Pardot after carefully considering their goals and budget constraints.


We implemented and customized Pardot to support their operating needs. We created landing pages on their website, built branded templates for newsletters and migrated 8,000 newsletter recipients from the legacy system into Salesforce and Pardot.


We integrated RBID’s website with their Salesforce instance which eliminated a lot of manual work for the Staff to keep the Salesforce database updated.


We provided extensive end user training, so that staff from all departments executed their activities using both Salesforce and Pardot.


Cube84 trained RBID employees to better adopt Pardot features for executing marketing activities, thereby improving staff productivity.
RBID now sends targeted communication to various categories of residents such as homeowners and businesses, and is now able to track engagement across different segments.
After the successful adoption of Pardot, RBID was able to retire their legacy systems which allowed them to save on unnecessary application and license costs.
Today, RBID leverages Pardot to gather analytics around event registrations, e-newsletters, blogs and other communications. This helps them to strategize and make data driven decisions on how to increase community engagement.
With the successful implementation of Pardot, the team at RBID now has valuable insight on their published content. The team can now track number of views, open rate and click-through rates. This helps them analyse how well their content is performing and make improvements based on the performance.

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