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Salesforce Implementation - TLCBD

Tenderloin Community Benefit District

A Community Benefit District (CBD) is a formally recognized assessment district managed by a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in a defined region. Typical CBD services include sidewalk cleaning, trash removal, safety ambassador patrols, beautification, and advocacy for policies and projects that will benefit the district. The services provided by CBD’s supplement services provided by the City.

Project Goals

This year, the Tenderloin Community Benefit District is calling on District Property Owners to vote to renew and expand the Community Benefit District in 2020.


Community Benefit District


Salesforce Implementation


Persuade at least 30% of Property Owners to vote Yes on first the petition to renew the District, and then the official ballot.

  • 800+ Properties
  • 500+ Owners
  • 1 Petition threshold

  • 1 Ballot threshold
  • 1 spreadsheet
  • Many calendars

Constant tabulation of votes

How District360 Helped

Bring TLCBD property, ownership, and vote calculation into a central and accessible platform – District360. Once in place, create a custom campaign to enable the team to strategically organize and manage the push for 2020 Renewal.

DB Management

Bring TLCBD’s master spreadsheet of properties, ownership account and contacts, vote calculations, etc. into a relational database in the cloud.


Create a mechanism to sum votes allotted to each Property, and thereby Property Owner and create a way to aggregate and rank Property Owners by their number of votes. Lobby and track – TLCBD staff leveraged activity tracking to


Lobby and track – TLCBD staff leveraged activity tracking to organize outreach and lobbying efforts.


Use the 2020 Renewal Campaign dashboard to strategically manage, measure and rock towards campaign milestones.



  • Up-to-minute, accurate calculations
  • Easy prioritization of high-value targets
  • 360 degree view of strategic engagement


  • Transparency across the team
  • On-the-go, interactive access
  • Shareable dashboards and reports

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