Experience District360 Salesforce Firsthand

At the IDA 68th Annual Conference & Marketplace

If you’ve been curious about District360 and want to try it out for yourself, you’ll want to schedule a short demo during the IDA conference in Vancouver in September. In addition to getting a first hand feel for the application, we’ll also go over:

  • The basic modules and innovative integrations of District360
  • How District360 is different from other CRMs (e.g. PBID, basic Salesforce etc)
  • Tips for implementation budgeting
  • Nonprofit eligibility for Salesforce licenses
  • How certain features can make your job easier
  • Examples of how other districts are using District360 effectively

There are a limited number of slots available so be sure to grab yours early! Plus, we have a SPECIAL GIFT for anyone who completes a demo at the conference.

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