Our Team

We are not just a team, We are a family

Kathryn McKissick

Vice President

Kathryn McKissick leads CUBE84’s Business Improvement District team which designed and developed District360, a first-of-its kind app designed specifically for downtown districts. Kathryn brings over 10 years of experience on the Salesforce CRM platform, where she and her team design innovative solutions for BIDs’ operational challenges, integrating operational systems and driving organizational efficiency. She has managed 40+ implementations and she currently supports 20+ BIDs nationally

Sridhar Ramamoorthy

Director - Product & Delivery

Sri specializes in project and product management, cross-functional communications, and more. He focuses on collaboration between customer and company, with cross-functional teams to deliver successful results. In addition, he has overseen many projects, leading the District360 product roadmap and vision!

Nicole Solomatenko

Customer Success Manager

Nicole is a tech-savvy and enthusiastic Customer Success Manager, driven by her love for working with people and her deep passion for technology. With a background in the Canadian BIA industry, Nicole has honed her skills as an advocate for District360’s clients to understand their needs, address their concerns, and deliver exceptional experiences. She excels at building strong client relationships and is committed to their success and satisfaction.