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The DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID) was founded in 1997 and is a private non-profit organization that provides capital improvements, resources and research that keep the BID area clean, safe, economically and environmentally strong and accessible. This special district encompasses a 138-block area of approximately 520 properties in downtown Washington, District of Columbia.



Design a case management system that would fit DowntownDC BID’s desired approach to case management and public space asset management, with an emphasis on managing requests submitted to the District of Columbia’s 311 system:

  • Streamline submission and tracking of requests to DC’s 311 system
  • Support real-time collection and use of data about public assets*
  • Provide a case management system that could be expanded to additional future uses at the BID.

*In this context, “public space asset management” means tracking the location and condition of signposts, bicycle racks, trash cans, trees, and similar objects located in the square mile managed by the BID. The BID and its constituents identify issues in the public space, and the BID either addresses the issue or refers it to 311 (District of Columbia Government) or directly to the appropriate District agency or utility.



Business Improvement District



311 + Salesforce Integration for Service Request & Public Asset Management


The DowntownDC BID had utilized a custom-built application to manage some of this information for approximately the past ten years but there were requirements this custom system did not address:

  • Addressing new requirements through further custom development would be prohibitively expensive
  • Limitations with the custom application required workarounds
  • The legacy system required that staff have highly specialized expertise in specific technologies


Designed and built a case management system in DowntownDC’s existing Salesforce platform

Integrated DowntownDC’s system with the District of Columbia’s system for real-time case management

Designed specialized reporting and interactive dashboards for DBID staff to efficiently manage service requests and public assets

Provided customer support to see the team to success and and development for the evolution of the DBID staff requirements


Our new case management system is wildly more efficient. In our old system we had to submit everything to the city, then make separate records for internal tracking. This has saved us a lot of time.

Reporting is also much easier. I used to have to do manual counts in an excel document.

Now, I have everything on an easily accessible dashboard and can report on trends rather than just month to month data.


My favorite part of the new system is the reporting functionality. I think it helps one, to see it visually and two it saves me a lot of time at the end of every month to do progress reports

Daniel Bramley

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